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How to Set Up an Office Intranet in Weeks, Not Years

How to Set Up an Office Intranet in Weeks, Not Years

Building an office intranet is an efficient way of sharing information within the team and with the clients. But before you set up an office intranet, you should ask first yourself the things that you would want your intranet to do and achieve. In addition, you should also consider what are the things that the office intranet should contain and how you want it to  be fulfilled. You can click here for examples of intranet systems that you can model in your office.

How to Set Up an Office Intranet in Weeks, Not Years

If you are fairly new in the world of office intranet, introducing an intranet system in your place of work will greatly improve team integration, collaboration, and internal communications. To put it briefly, an office intranet will add value to your company by generating an output in a well-planned and coherent manner.

For you to set up an office intranet in weeks, you should have a checklist. Ideally, the office intranet is password protected, has a place to upload and download documents, has menu options for each of your team, and can be hosted off-site. Just like the Internet, an intranet can be accessed via a server. You can either opt for a company network server or a cloud-based hosting service. Both choices have pros and cons, which you should weigh by including in the equation the needs of your business.

There are also pre-built software available that provides an intranet environment that is adequate for the day-to-day transactions and activities of your business. A few open source options can give you the adaptability and workability to broaden the base functionality of the software. Examples are Igloo, WordPress, and Drupal.

Achieving a Secure Office Intranet

The best way for you to make this happen is to turn over your mind with what it is that you are attempting to build. Identify your main goals and start working from there. Just make sure that the applications, software, and options that you will entertain will measure up to your primary objectives. You can always work on something customisable and hosted. That said, do not forget the important pieces here: functionality and security.

Surviving and then Thriving After an Acquired Disability

Surviving And Then Thriving After An Acquired DisabilityOur life has its ups and downs, highs and lows. Truth be told, there are occasions when these lows are very severe. One example is acquiring a disability. During these times, we will need all the support and guidance we can get. This way, we can see ourselves surviving and then thriving after an acquired disability.

You may lose a part of your body or its function depending on the disability or disabling disease you’ve come into. More often than not, you’ll no longer have the physical comfort and be unable to control yourself anymore. Worst, you will find yourself grieving and suffering from depression. Fortunately, there are ways on how you can survive and thrive after acquiring a disability.

Surviving and then Thriving After an Acquired Disability

A disability is described as having an ongoing condition that limits your day-to-day activities. But did you know that you can live healthy even with an acquired disability? Good models of this kind of lifestyle and mantra are Paralympians. Listed here are examples of this approach.

  • Be patient.

This is probably the most important thing to do to thrive after an acquired disability. If recovering from your current condition is still possible, it may take longer than expected as each one of us has our own recovery rates. So the key here is to be patient. Have faith in yourself that you will overcome this and that things will get better. It is a must that you stay patient with yourself and with the people around you when your daily tasks appear to be more difficult.

  • Exercise your mind and body.

Surviving and then thriving after an acquired disability isn’t all about the food you eat and the physical therapy. It also involves a healthy mindset. This is a good time for you to meditate, read, and let go of the things that worry you. Don’t think about the ‘here’, but instead where you are now.

  • Eat healthy and get enough sleep.

You can visit your nutritionist so that he/she can create a diet that is customised just for you and your condition. And do remember to steer clear from junk food! In addition, try to get enough sleep. Being deprived of this only increases your stress levels, which impacts your coping skills.

Living the Betting Lifestyle: Is It Worth the Gamble?

Everywhere you look these days, in all forms of media, you find the claxon call to ‘have a bet’. Gambling is the poster boy of the digital age, with blokey voices entreating fellow mugs to have a punt. The marketing behind corporate bookmakers and their myriad products is designed to appeal to some broad brushstroke idea about our national character. The ANZAC Day diggers having a beer and a bit of two up, the Aussie punter down the pub putting his hard earned on wall to wall racing screens covering the island nation, these are all rolled into the ads promoting this popular pastime.

Living the Betting Lifestyle: Is It Worth the Gamble?

The message is that this is harmless fun, despite the bland warnings that immediately follow each ad. These warn of the dangers of too much of a good thing, that good thing is losing money. Human beings are, obviously, not the sharpest tools in the shed. Because if you took a moment or two, to add up the score, you would realise that all this flood of marketing money must come from somewhere. If everybody was winning, these companies would not be able to afford to cover primetime sporting events with their advertising.

Even though, we act like sheep, we don’t calculate the odds according to the group figures. No, we only think about ourselves, our own little slice of life, and what it would be like if we won our little wager. The bookies, these multinational gambling corporations, they just want a little bit of money from each of us, because a little bit multiplied by millions becomes plenty of moola. Click here for some great deals and odds. They don’t want the problems that come with the cash of the problem gambler. It is the punter, the compulsive gambler, who chases his or her losses, that causes all the societal problems.

Living the betting lifestyle: is it worth it the gamble? The law of nature is – ‘easy come, easy go’. A profitable result on a punt, can encourage dreamers to think that they can beat the system. They quickly envision themselves putting up their feet and swanning about in style courtesy of the punt. Laying down tools for good and living a life based on lucky numbers and their own superior intelligence. It is a mirage my friend, you are actually in a desert and soon to be low on drinking water. Friends and family will desert you quick smart and, next, when you look around, there will only be losers in the place.

Living Yoga On And Off The Mat

Yoga poses an interesting conundrum for many on the path to a variety of aspirations. This is because the majority of people discover yoga through the physical application of the asanas. They begin yoga as a form of physical exercise, and it is that, but it is also so much more. It is a way of living and a pathway to self-realisation.  It is an ancient source of great wisdom and a portal to enlightenment. Living yoga on and off the mat, is an expression, which challenges some. Especially those that may have separated parts of their lives, with yoga limited to that time on the mat and the remainder of their lives not reflecting the essence of a spiritual pathway.

Living Yoga On And Off The Mat

Can you keep yoga in a can on a shelf labelled ‘physical exercise’? Perhaps, for a little while, but yoga breathes life into every corner of your existence. It is not possible to go deeply into yoga and remain uncommitted to the tenets of this spiritual pursuit. Of course, there is, also, those on the path who become lost in their spiritual ego, these are the people who boast about their devotion to their strict interpretation of an Indian yogic lifestyle. These folks spend much of their time criticising other students of yoga and bagging them as western fakes.

Yoga is uniquely yours and it is isn’t. The way yoga moves within you is distinctive to you, but each yogic tradition is, also, richly reflective of the culture it emerged from. Yoga is the ghost inside the machine; it is, now, a popular spiritual practice flowering during the most material age humanity has ever experienced. It is akin to our souls stretching out to be free from bodies encumbered with layers of material things holding us all down.

Living yoga on and off the mat challenges us all to find conceptions of ourselves beyond who we think that we are and what we consider that we possess and own. The reality is that all possessions and ideas of ownership and control are illusions. The worry that so many people feel about their material lives is a cosmic joke really. The breath inside our bodies and the witness state is all that exists in the moment. Yoga is a science, a way of realising truth in a world made up of maya. Click here to find out more.

Aesthetic Surgery Increasingly Common Among Young People

Generations’ X, Y and Zee have been born with more than silver spoons in their gobs, they have been the focus of decades of sustained wealth. Wealth without wars in the western nations; and this has bred attitudes of ‘give it to me, all of it, now!’ Mummy and daddy have obliged; indeed, it is their reason for living as they age and lose their own egocentric appetites. Creating perfect lifestyles for their children becomes their raison d’etre. The media we watch on screens are cultural mirrors reflecting the aspirations of our race.

Aesthetic Surgery Increasingly Common Among Young People

Perfect white teeth radiating perfect wide smiles are the norm on TV and on the movie screens. Cosmetic surgery is nothing to be sneered at anymore, even, for kids. Designer faces are being carved out in surgeries behind closed doors, but their results are on display in our schools and shopping malls. The age-old cry, “is my nose too big for my face?” Is now, being taken far more seriously, by cashed up and propertied parents in the west. The usual fears of adolescence are finding responsive audiences at home and plastic surgeons are complying with the wishes of wealthy parents and their plaintive offspring.

It seems that we all want to look and live like movie stars and celebrities. It is no longer something that we outgrow when we move on from the teenage years. The superficies has become a badge of affluence to burnish and polish like precious metals. Click here for some examples. Our cosmetic appearance is becoming more and more important for longer and longer. Old age is now like leprosy was in ancient times, something to be hidden away in leper colonies. Wrinkles are akin to buboes from the plague; and are a sure sign of material poverty.

Stretched skin masks faces in permanent fake smiles and those pearly white teeth, just keep grinning on septuagenarians everywhere. Aesthetic surgery increasingly common among young people in the twenty first century and it continues into middle age and beyond. Women, in particular must live up to celebrity driven standards, in terms of their everyday appearance. Boob jobs and labial nips and tucks, nose jobs and lip enlargements, and those perfect white teeth, are all on the menu of every woman young and old. Youth is the only currency in our culture and cosmetic surgery is the handmaiden for some tactical cutting.

Why Have Some Countries Adopted an Environmentally Friendly Conscience, But Not Others?

‘One person’s trash is another person’s treasure’, and this relational concept remains true for communities and countries. This goes someway to explaining why some nations have adopted environmentally proactive policies and others have not. Countries emerging from the bottom rung and who are becoming more developed, often, spurn their waste, like the chamber pot in the age of the flushing toilet and modern plumbing. New wealth lends itself to flash cars and other examples of conspicuous consumption. These folks do not want to waste time thinking about their rubbish.

Why Have Some Countries Adopted an Environmentally Friendly Conscience, But Not Others?

There is, of course, a lot of money to be made in taking care of other people’s trash. Indeed, waste management is fast becoming a lucrative industry in the developed western nations. The outward indication for visitors that they are in a wealthy part of town is the absence of rubbish from the streets. Paying people to pick up the trash and take it to depots and facilities on the other side of town is all part of the gentrification of suburbs. Click here for examples of this service. This is happening on a larger scale too.

Sweden has been importing waste from neighbouring nations, because it has run out of its own. It incinerates the waste from dozens of European countries and heats its communities utilising the energy generated. Less than 1% of Swedish internal waste has gone to landfill every year, since 2011. Plus, about half of its electricity is sourced from renewable energy sources. The Swedes were one of the first nations to recognise that there is money in waste management and they grabbed the industry by its recyclables and squeezed hard. In comparison the United Kingdom, has been dragging the chain.

In the UK, they are struggling to reach a 50% recycling of all rubbish figure by 2020 and have come to the waste management game late in the day. The European Union has been driving much of the action in recycling throughout Europe and now that the UK are leaving the EU, it will be interesting to see if they continue to aim for improvement. There are worse stories, as in places like Malta, which has an antiquated waste management system or lack of any real system, full stop. Dogs in the streets feed on bagged rubbish left idle and uncollected on pavements. Waste management and recycling are vital, if we are to continue on this planet with ever more people populating our communities.

Living La Legal Loca: The High Performance World of Corporate Lawyers

Living La Legal Loca: The High Performance World of Corporate Lawyers

Most of us probably have watched movies and TV series about the high performance world of corporate lawyers and courtroom drama. But have you ever wondered what it’s like to be livin’ la legal loca? Truth be told, it is not as glamorous as actors portray it. Corporate lawyers are more than the defenders of the rich and famous. Their profession also covers family issues, taxes, and business affairs. To get to know more about corporate lawyers in your area, you can click here.

Living La Legal Loca: The High Performance World of Corporate Lawyers

It is a common industry knowledge that the high performance world of corporate lawyers can break your spirit. Yes, big law firms offer a handsome remuneration. But corporate lawyers are ‘compelled’ to work for extra long hours, not to mention that the work itself can be mind-numbing.

If you are going to ask law students, most of them think that corporate law is the Mecca of this profession. To be honest, those who are not in the high performance world of corporate lawyers will take quite a while to settle their student loans. This being said, the logic would be to pursue a career in the corporate law for the financial rewards.

In terms of the work environment, there is a disparity between corporate lawyers and the other kinds of lawyers. For one, the ‘snobbery’ within the organisation is a common vibe and scenario in corporate law, especially in the ultra elite firms. As per Forbes, ‘snobbery’ exists among your peers and colleagues, with your superiours, and with other law firms.

The Highs and Lows in Corporate Law

There are a lot of lows and sometimes a few highs in corporate law depending on the focus of your practice. For instance, immigration law in big firms is surrounded with high pressure. Most of the times, your profession, the firm that you work for, and your clients may seem that they own you. In addition, the demands for client interaction is more prioritised than the legal work itself. A lot of local and international trips are also required in this line of work.

But not everything is grey in the high performance world of corporate lawyers. They find pleasure and fulfilment each time they help people. Those who have decided to focus on specific clients and choose the projects that they get to be involved find a different perspective on their work, especially if they are working with something they are passionate with.

The Importance of Spinal Health in Leading a Fulfilling Life

The Importance of Spinal Health in Leading a Fulfilling Life

Despite being an integral component of a healthy lifestyle, spinal health is often disregarded and ignored. Those who are troubled with an aching back are generally not in tip-top condition compared to those who are not. Since the core of our body is the spine, any issues with our spine’s functions, even the slightest ones, can impact the parts of our body that are hung on it. If your chiropractor knows the importance of spinal health in leading a fulfilling life, so should you. You can click here to find the nearest chiropractor in your area.

The Importance of Spinal Health in Leading a Fulfilling Life

According to health statistics, it is 80 percent likely for us to suffer any forms of backaches at some point in our life. There are various reasons why it could happen. Most of the time, a spinal health issue is brought about by more than one cause. But there are also a few things that can increase the odds of you suffering from it. These are muscle weakness, a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, and poor biomechanics.

People suffering from back pain and neck pain usually seek help from chiropractors. They know the importance of spinal health and as such, focus on improving the function of the spinal column. And since a lot of people experience spinal pain, it is of great import that you maintain a healthy spine. Here are some reasons that stress the importance of spinal health.

Why Should You Maintain a Healthy Spine?

For one, our spinal cord allows us to bend and twist our body. An injured spine causes problems with our mobility. If we injured our spine by accident, have worn it out, or kept on maintaining a bad posture, we will find it difficult to sit up straight, bend over, walk, and even move our neck.

The spine is also parallel to our esophagus. When we eat our food or quench our thirst with a drink, the food and drink wend their way into the esophagus. But with an injured spine, it will press against the esophagus to the point of puncturing it.

Now that you are aware of how critical it is to maintain a healthy spine, what changes are you going to institute in taking care of your spine?

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